silicon nitride ceramic axle sleeve

Name silicon nitride ceramic axle sleeve
Material silicon nitride
Usage water pump axle sleeve
Color Black
Size OD: 45MM, ID:20MM, length:97MM
chamfer: 0.5*45degree, degree of finish: 0.2/0.8
anti-attrition gear: yes
Hardness HR82
Craft reaction sintering
Feature The strength of silicon nitride is very high, especially the hot-pressing silicon nitride, which is one of the hardest substances in the world, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures and does not melt into the melt body at 1200°C  until decomposing at 1900°C, And silicon nitride has amazing chemical corrosion resistance, can resist almost all inorganic acid and many organic acid corrosion, at the same time it’s a kind of high performance insulating material.
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