Hot air igniter B2 for pellet and wood chip boilers

Item No.: B2
Specifications IGNITION ZX-B2  
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50/60 HZ
Rated Power  800 1000 1600 W
 Min. Airflow 230 L/min 20
Max. temperature 600
Diameter φ90 mm
Length 282 mm
Weight 1.05 Kg
Mark CE  
ZX-B2 ignition blower has been specially developed for installation into pellet and wood chip boilers. The interface was selected so that the ignition blowers can easily be installed into any heating boiler.
About the Product
High-quality air heaters which are comparable to the top brand in the market. With more than 10 years
experience of design and production, and the feedback of the products from our customers, brand ZX-BM4 ignition blower enjoy features as below:
Ceramic Heating Element Swedish heating wire|Ceramic material resistance Max. 1650 ºC|
Silver plated red copper pins| Strong wiring, no overheating
Motor High-quality motor, Max. 12500 rpm. Brushless types are available for 100 pcs.
Temperature Regulation Stepless adjustment and no misplacement when operating.
Plastic Material PA66 for the handle which can be resistant to 280 ºC
Gasket High-temperature resistant bearing imported from Japan, heavy-duty
Air Filter Uniform porosity, good heat dissipation performance
Cable(cord) 3 meters 3*1.0mm² H07RN-F cable, flexible
Temperature Control We use a photocell to control the temperature inside the blower. 
ZX-B2 igniter is specialized for pellet boilers in biomass fields. 
a. Igniter in-line connection.
b. Igniter with 1" internal thread for easy connection of duct adapter. 
c. New design, perfect fit for boiler installation.
d. The photoelectric component passes through the high-temperature protection circuit to protect the heating element and the device.
Main Features
1)We use a photocell to control the temperature inside.
2)PA66 for the body, plastic resist 280°C;
3)Japanese bearing and thermal insulation gasket;
4)Swedish heating wire;
5)Ceramic material resists 1650°C;
6)Min. Airflow is 230L/min, max temperature is 600°C.
ZX-B2 Ignition Blower
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